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About Scantec

Founded in 2017 we have established a reputation as suppliers of genuinely high quality timber windows and doors.


Our team are highly motivated and provide a vastly experienced knowledge base specialising in low energy, low carbon solutions to the UK market. Our manufacturers all share an ethos of continous research and development to keep us at the leading edge of modern window and door technology.

Genuine value is at the core of what we aim to deliver through our services and products with a mission to play our role in reducing environmental impact whilst raising the standards and comfort levels within buildings.

We offer passive house standard and certified products for better quality energy saving buildings.

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Our Process

Simple Process- Enquiry To Site

1. Handle all enquiries as conveniently and astutely as possible. Providing answers and offers in the timescales agreed.

2. Provide all technical information, drawings and certification required

3. Provide useful and competent advice to aid an informed decision making process.

4. Orders to be checked and confirmed prior to production.

5. Accurate costs and delivery schedules to be adhered  and excellent communication to be provided by one principle point of contact.

House Plan Review

Preconstruction Design

We are always happy to be involved at an early stage and assist with design reviews to help match the most cost effective solutions to achieve the key outcomes be they aesthetics, weather performance, security, acoustics or comfort.


Our staff are always happy to provide initial budget costs and work with you through the costing and ordering stages with one key contact.

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The Finishing

We offer a massive range of options on colour and finishes, cills, ventilators, blinds and ironmongery.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Our products will always be produced in factories that meet and share our standards and ethos on what are genuinely high performance windows and doors that do not cost the earth.

We will always provide products of the highest possible standard that have a demonstrable record of testing and development and come fit for purpose to excel  against the rigors of the UK climate whilst enhancing the comfort level of any buildings that they are fitted into. Whether a residential development a public building or a place of work.

The impact that humans have had on the planet is now at such a significant level that all businesses must have decarbonisation as a priority.

The construction industry has been a significant contributor to the current status and must play a leading role in the reversal process. 

Supply chains must work towards a net-zero position as quickly as possible and we are focused on taking a proactive position and playing our part. The build environment accounts for approximately 47% of all carbon emissions in the UK per year. 

As a result we will always work with companies that align with our standards of environmental and social responsibility and strive to be at the leading edge of our industry to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We have an active and evolving Environmental policy that can be viewed here.

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